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Press photo1-Blues For The Red Sun
Press photo2-Blues For The Red Sun
Press photo3-...And The Circus Leaves Town
Press photo4-...And The Circus Leaves Town
Promo ads-Blues For The Red Sun
Promo ads-Sky Valley/...And The Circus Leaves Town.
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Here you can find some rare photographs of Kyuss, most of which are the actual group photos from their press releases. I searched high and far for these, so take a minute and check them out!

Although Kyuss is now defunct, the music they brought us lives on. This site was created to share my knowledge and understanding of their music. The views expressed within are my own and are to the best of my knowledge. I hope all that view this site leave with a better understanding of how incredible and unique Kyuss was.

If you have anything from Kyuss that you would like to contribute to this site, please email me. I would be more than willing to post it on this site. Please sign my guest book or email me with any questions or concerns!


Check out Tool covering Demon Cleaner by Kyuss with Scott Reeder of Kyuss on bass!

Check out Catamaran by Yawningman(Alfredo Hernandez prior to Kyuss!).

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