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The Kyuss Chronicles... Page: 5

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Demon Cleaner-Part 1 of a two disc set includes four songs, 1)Demon Cleaner, 2)Day One, 3)El Rodeo, and 4) Hurricane. Part 2 includes 1)Demon Cleaner, 2)Gardenia-live, 3)Thumb-live, and 4)Conan Troutman-live. Both were released seperately, making it pretty hard to complete the package. However, part one comes with a two cd jewel case for storing purposes. Demon Cleaner was the only single relased off of Sky Valley(1994 Electra). There is also a music video for Demon Cleaner, which was probably the most promoted release to date. This ep was released in Europe after Sky Valley and is extremely hard to find. I give it a nine on a scale of one to ten, considering you have to track down both cd's and they are out of print.